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CUECC Information

Company name:  Hangzhou Jiaoyu Science and Technology Co. Ltd

Address:   Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

Fax No:  86-571-88165528


Consultation Center

 Should u need help in school or major choosing, plz contact Stella.

     Tel:  0086-571-88165512



 QQ: 2853662501

 WhatsApp:+86 17767072959 


Application Center

If u already decide on which school and course to start, plz contact Shirly for direct application.

     Tel:  0086-571-88165708


     Skpye:  teachcn

QQ:  2853662502

WhatsApp:+86 15068158042


Scholarship Center

If u want to apply for CUECC scholarship, plz contact Sally

Tel:  0086-571-88165698


   Skpye:  studycn001

   QQ:  2853662503

   WhatsApp:+86 17767072959

Business Cooperation

If u have any interest in cooperation with our CUECC company including advertising, student recommendation and so on, plz contact Luke.

    Tel:  0086-571-88165811






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